A favorite! A foot-bridge over the Soca

A foot-bridge over the Soca

Album: 2002: My Trip to Slovenia: The Soca River Valley and the mountains
A favorite!


April 27, 2002

Album info:

This folder, one of my favorites, contains pictures from the amazing Soca River Valley in Slovenia. The photos begin in Kobarid, the site of a major front line during World War I. They then follow our route along an incredibly gorgeous drive through the Soca Valley, ending up at Vrsic (ver-sheech)... more


That's me, standing on a bridge over the Soca River, on a trail not far from Kobarid. (I took this picture with my remote control, as there was no one else with me.) That bridge was a little hairy, too. It's pretty high and pretty long, and although it's not a true suspension bridge, it swayed a... more
A favorite! A favorite!