A favorite! Me leading the Great Roof

Me leading the Great Roof

Album: 2005: Climbing: Yosemite, September 2005 - The Nose
A favorite!


September 8, 2005

Album info:

From September 7 to September 9, Aaron and I climbed The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite. This album is essentially a photo-essay of the whole trip. For more details, see the trip report in my climbing log.


I of course aided this entire pitch, but as we were in a hurry, I did so as quickly as I could. It was already 5:00 PM when I started, so we only had a few hours before dark. I led the entire pitch in just under 50 minutes, and since there was a ton of fixed gear, I left only two pieces for Aaron to... more
A favorite! A favorite!