Statistics for climbs with Will Foster:

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Date Rating Type Pitches Partner(s) Comments
Annointed Seagull
Lost Horse (Atlantis Wall)
Sun, Dec 17
5.8 1 pitch
I led.

This was a cold December day! I thought we would find morning sun at Atlantis Wall, but we had no such luck. After one climb, we left the area to seek sun and warmth elsewhere.
The Flake
Hidden Valley Campground (Intersection Rock)
Sun, Dec 17
5.8 ** 1 pitch
I led.

It was still freezing here, even though this faced what little sun was in the sky. I wanted to do this excellent route to give Jackie and the rest of the gang a taste of ALL that… more
Quail Springs (Trashcan Rock)
Sun, Dec 17
5.6 1 pitch
I followed.

Will really wanted to lead something with his shiney new set of nuts, so I figured this would be a good choice. I followed first and checked out his gear placements, which were… more
Northwest Recess
Sun, Jun 27
5.9 *** 8 pitches
We did it in 5.
I led 2.

This climb was as outstanding as I had remembered.