This was an excellent and fun route the second time around, just as it had been the first time. Unfortunately, this time the weather didn't cooperate as well, but we all survived. It was beautiful and sunny when we left the car, it was beautiful and sunny when we got to the base, but as soon as I was halfway up the first pitch, the clouds rolled in, and we didn't see the sun the rest of the day. A bitter cold wind also kicked up, and the sky was threatening rain and thunder for several hours, though it never actually happened. We climbed this in two parties of two, with me leading and Ann following in the first party. The second party was made up of Courtney, who led the first and third pitches, and Thuy, who led the crux second pitch. Both of them led admirably, considering how little outdoor leading experience either of them have, and how runout and scary a slab climb like this can be. Fortunately no one took any lead falls, although on the second pitch, Thuy hung on a bolt once or twice and Courtney fell once. Apparently they were cursing my name most of the way up, but I was just far enough ahead that I didn't hear it. :-)