It's funny the kind of attention you get if you take a beautiful, voluptuous blonde to Joshua Tree for some climbing. I unfortunately attracted a little attention myself while leading this, because I got a little confused with the route, and the rope drag at the end was HEINOUS. But when Amanda started following it, she had a whole peanut gallery watching, yelling advice, and cheering her on. One guy even came over with a digital SLR on a tripod, and started taking pictures of her, moving his rig around a few times to get the best angle. Amanda had some difficulty with a few parts of the route, but especially the crux: getting up, then out of, a short chimney. She fell once in the chimney and scraped up her right leg pretty badly. I felt a little guilty about that, since this was her first time ever climbing in Joshua Tree, or climbing cracks for that matter. This was a pretty fun climb for me, except for the rope drag at the end. The route traverses under a large roof, and the rope drag was so bad that I got three blisters (and tore one of them immediately) just from pulling up the rope, before I even put Amanda on belay. I've been thinking about it since, and I can hardly think of anything I could have done better to ameliorate the problem.