This was an excellent multipitch slab climb. Definitely a “traditional” bolted climb, as it was pretty run out, and you could tell it was bolted on lead. (The bolts were not placed at the hardest spots, but rather at places where there was a good stance from which to drill.) Unlike most Joshua Tree slab climbs, this was not just about pure friction. There were small edges for the hands and feet most of the way. Aaron had some difficulty with parts of this climb, because his shoes have lost their edge, and badly need a resole. But we both made it without any falls. I think the most challenging, and fun, part of this route was trying to find the path of least resistance to each bolt. It was hard enough just finding the next bolt; then you had to figure out how to get there without screwing yourself. On the second pitch, for example, I made life a little harder on myself by going a little too high before realizing that I needed to traverse right.